BOC Group will be in Lisbon presenting at the BPM Conference Portugal 2016:

“Unlocking the Business Potentials of BPMN and DMN”


One of the challenges faced by BPM professionals in today’s fast moving environment is to stay up-to-date with new developments evolving in industry and research continuously.


In this session we present how you can unlock the potentials of standardization efforts on business level by introducing our “fit-for-business” approach. The aim of this approach is to make a standard notation such as BPMN or DMN useful for the business user and analyst. We demonstrate how scoping and alignment techniques create added-value for business-relevant scenarios such as documentation, quality management, integrated risk management and monitoring/evaluation using concrete application cases in different domains.


As an outlook, we discuss our vision how business processes management will evolve for cloud-ready deployment of business processes, summarized as BPaaS (Business-Process-as-a-Service). The concept builds on BPMN and DMN standards to further close business and IT alignment gaps for dynamic deployment of processes in arbitrary cloud infrastructures.